The Steps To Own a Vixen®

So you have spent time reviewing our website, you have developed interest, but not clear on the steps to become a Vixen® Franchise Partner?  We would love to meet with you.  Here are your next steps:

Step 1

Complete a confidential Vixen® Franchise application form and submit it online.  We assess your application and put it through our evaluation process.  Click Here to submit now.

Step 2

Approved applicants will be contacted by The Vixen® Corporate Team to learn more about their objectives, answer questions, schedule interviews and conduct a series of due diligence processes including a credit application and verfication of financial competence.

Step 3

Approved candidates will receive our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD); it will provide you with in-depth information about the Vixen® Franchise.  Franchise regulations require that you have the FDD for a period of 14 calendar days to review with your lawyer.

Step 4

Time to incorporate your business, acquire your business numbers, assign Directors etc.  A deposit is required to draft and finalize the Franchise Agreement.  If you are purchasing multiple territories, you will also receive an Area Development Agreement (ADA) at this time.  If you form a business entity, each owner must also sign a personal guaranty.  During this period, we will be actively working towards finalizing your territory selection and firm up your financing options if needed.

Step 5

The most exciting step in the process; time to sign, at the time of signing the remainder of the initial franchise fee is due minus the deposit.  Congratulations, you have officially become a Vixen® Franchise Partner!  Next, we solidify your lease, start your construction, execute training and open your Vixen® location!